Packager for Android AIR

Adobe launched Adobe AIR 2.5 in 2010 for devices running Android 2.2. Adobe also released tools for developing Android applications in Flash Platform like Flash Builder Burrito. Prof. Dan Zen introduced me to this technology and with his help I developed some games for Android devices using Flash. I find it easier when compared to iOS.

Few words about becoming an Android Developer:

Becoming an Android Developer is free. Go to and download the SDK and install it. You might need to install JDK (Java SE Development Kit) before installing SDK.

Once you install SDK, download components, using the graphical UI of the Android SDK and AVD Manager. The Android SDK and AVD Manager’s Available Packages panel shows the SDK components that are available for you to download into your environment. Once you install the components, launch the emulator where you can test your application. Now go to command prompt and change the directory to ‘Program Files à Android à android-sdk à platform-tools’ and type “adb devices”, which will list the android devices or emulator instances connected to the system.

Now download Adobe AIR 2.5 SDK and install it in flash. I also downloaded Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Extension for AIR 2.5. Grab the Runtime.apk file from ‘runtimes à air à android à emulator’ folder and place it in to ‘Program Files à Android à android-sdk à platform-tools’ folder. Now in the command prompt type “adb install Runtime.apk”. This will put AIR on devices connected, so that your Flash application works on the device. Each time when you connect an Android device or create an emulator you need to type “adb install Runtime.apk” in the command prompt.

My Experiments in Publishing Android app from Flash:

I created a simple app in Flash to test on Android device. I changed the publish setting to Adobe AIR. Under deployment tab I created a certificate. You can key in any name and password for your Certificate. It really doesn’t matter. After publishing, you will get an .apk file of your app. I placed my .apk file in Program Files à Android à android-sdk à platform-tools’ folder and run “adb install appName.apk” from command prompt.  I tested my app in both emulator device (Android 2.2) and in Android device (Viewpad7 by Viewsonic). It was really cool. 

Links for help:

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