My Experience with Robin Technology

“Robin” is an amazing flash technology with which we can develop multiuser games or application without any complex server scripting language. This technology is developed by our Program Co-ordinator, Dan Zen.

Few Words about Robin Technology:        

Robin allows us to develop multiuser games, applications and chat in Adobe Flash. It is a set of classes in flash, which helps a flash developer to develop multiuser system without any complex server scripting. The backend coding of robin is done in PHP.

This is the Flowchart for Robin Technology

For more details about Robin Technology, samples, code and video, go to 

My experiments with Robin Multiuser Technology:          

I created a small game using Robin. My game involves the player helping  Jerry, who is being chased by tom, to reach his home. I used the code from You can find file inside the “Download Robin ZIP” file in  . I replaced guy with Jerry and girl with Tom.

The first user who connected to the server can move Jerry and the second user can move Tom. Whenever Tom hits Jerry a message pops up.

When Jerry reaches his home a Thank you message will be displayed on the screen.

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